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Top Benefits of the Bar Feeder Automation

Automation has vastly increased productivity in the workplace. Automatic bar feeders, sometimes called a bar feed machine, allow lathes to run unattended for longer, meaning more capacity per machine and higher output. This can even mean lights-out production if multiple bars are used and cycle times are lengthy, which makes a business much more competitive. But first, what is a bar feed machine?

What Is A Bar Feed Machine?

A bar feed machine is an optional piece of support equipment commonly used for CNC lathes. The piece is attached to the headstock and filled with bars to be loaded into the work area. This allows bar stock to be automatically loaded and increases productivity. Here are a few of the top benefits of bar feeder automation.

Multiple Machines

One of the main advantages of a bar feed machine is that it allows one operator to tend to multiple machines at once without increasing risk or the potential for injuries. If cycle times are lengthy, multiple bars can be used through breaks and even overnight, which boosts the bottom line.

Lower Costs Per Piece

With no load/unload delays, a bar feeder-equipped lathe spends more time making pieces. This scales up to increased productivity across the board and increased machine capacity, which results in lower costs per piece. Lowering overhead helps with costs in other areas and lower costs per piece produced can also mean the ability to quote lower prices than competitors who are not using bar feeders.

More Competitive Quoting

A bar feed machine can really ramp up productivity and the resulting savings on pieces produced means you are freer to quote lower prices than your competitors, winning you more business. By 2027, the machine tools market size is expected to reach $95,169 million, so if you're not already using a bar feed machine to eliminate load/unload delays in production, now is a fantastic time to start.

The Bottom Line

Introducing a bar feed machine into your workplace can dramatically increase production and your bottom line. Bar feeder automation is a great way to get as many pieces as possible out of a workday without risk to the employees who are simply being asked to work faster. Instead, by eliminating load/unload delays and allowing machines to run uninterrupted, bar feed machines safely increase productivity, lower overhead costs, and allow a business to give more competitive quotes.