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Increase Productivity With ATS Systems Bar Feeders

Bar feeders are a cost-effective solution to increase productivity significantly. They can increase your productivity by up to 50% and are widely used in manufacturing operations requiring high-volume and repetitive bar-stock material machining.

By using an ATS Systems all-electric model Bar Feeder, manufacturers can achieve several benefits that can lead to increased shop productivity:

  1. Improved efficiency: Bar feeders automate the process of loading and unloading material, allowing machines to run continuously without manual intervention. This can reduce the time required to produce parts and increase the overall throughput of the shop.
  2. Reduced material waste: Bar feeders can minimize material waste by feeding the optimal amount of material into the machine, reducing excess material, and improving the accuracy of the machining process.
  3. Increased accuracy: By automating the material feeding process, bar feeders can improve the accuracy and consistency of the machining process. This can result in better quality parts and lower scrap rates.
  4. Enhanced worker safety: Bar feeders eliminate the need for manual loading and unloading of materials, reducing the risk of worker injury and improving overall safety in the shop.

Overall, the use of a bar feeder can help manufacturers achieve higher levels of efficiency, accuracy, and safety, leading to increased shop productivity and profitability.

Contact your ATS Systems Regional Manager today to learn how we can help your shop run lathes unattended through breaks, evenings, and weekends and increase your productivity and performance.