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Automation in Manufacturing, How Much has it Grown?

Certain companies require machined parts that are accurate and consistent at all times. Many
different production processes, such as CNC machining, drilling, and boring, all benefit from the
assistance of automation machine tooling systems.

According to Brandon Gaille Small Business and Marketing Advice, The consumption of machine
tools in the United States reached approximately 8 billion dollars in 2017. The growth is anticipated
to continue its upward trend given the widespread adoption of automation tooling systems across
numerous industries for various processes. The following is a list of the industries with the highest
demand for automation tooling systems.

1. Automotive Industry

The automobile industry is one of the oldest heavily automated sectors. It has consistently been one
of the first to offer new technology and equipment that is more high-tech in automation. CNC
machining, collaborative robotics, vehicle autonomy, and 3D printing are some of the technologies
that are helping to speed up operations in the automotive industry.

2. Agriculture

The agricultural sector is becoming highly engaged in the use of automation. Automation tooling
systems such as CNC cover the needs of the agricultural industry, making the work easier, quicker,
and more efficient to complete.

These systems are used by everyone from the manufacturers of farm equipment to large-scale
agricultural production and horticulture activities. They help farmers and the entire agricultural
industry to increase productivity by cutting down on the amount of labor and time spent on many of
their activities.

3. Aerospace

Precision is essential in every sector of the economy, but it is particularly vital for manufacturing
aircraft travel components, such as turbine engines. It would not be possible to guarantee the safety
and reliability of air travel for people or cargo in the absence of precise parts. The aerospace
industry favors automation tooling systems that provide the required five-axis machining, which can
deal with materials that are difficult to cut.

4. Healthcare

The expansion of automation is widespread across all areas of the economy in the modern era, and
the healthcare sector is one of the primary beneficiaries of this trend. New technologies and
advanced automation tooling systems have helped many medical facilities become more efficient.
These improvements have resulted in, among other things, safer surgeries, easier patient
scheduling, and fewer diagnostic errors.

Companies and end-users are demanding accuracy and automation to keep up with high-quality
standards. If you're looking for an automation solution, contact us today!

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