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High-Pressure Cooling System Accessories


Industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical rely on High-Pressure Coolant Systems to enhance tool life, increase efficiency, and improve the quality of finished products. To make the most of high-pressure coolant systems, various accessories and add-ons are available. This blog post will discuss the details of high-pressure cooling system accessories.


Filtration Systems:

Filtration is an essential aspect of high-pressure coolant systems as it helps maintain the quality of the coolant and extends the life of the system. Some filtration accessories include:

  1. Media type filters: Remove solid particles from the coolant to prevent clogs and contamination in machine pumps and tooling. These filters come in paper band, bags, or cartridge-based types.

  2. Magnetic or Cyclonic: These types use centrifugal force to separate solid particles and tramp oils from coolant, ensuring coolant remains clean and free from contaminants.

  3. Mist Collectors: Mist collectors efficiently remove oil and coolant mist from your shop’s air. These units utilize various filtration methods to separate mist particles from the air stream. Common methods are Cyclonic, electrostatic, and mechanical filtration. Choose a filtration and mist collector filtration type that suits the specific needs of your CNC machines, application, and shop size.

  4. Chillers: Coolant chillers maintain consistent temperatures to improve machining results and reduce the risk of thermal expansion and tool wear.


Nozzles are a key component of high-pressure coolant systems. They control the direction and velocity of the coolant, ensuring it reaches the cutting zone effectively. Some nozzle accessories include:

  1. Variable Flow Nozzles: These nozzles allow operators to adjust the flow rate and direction of the coolant, enabling precise targeting of the tool and workpiece.

  2. Through-Tool Nozzles: Designed to direct coolant through the tool's spindle and into the cutting zone, enhancing cooling and chip evacuation.

  3. Mist Coolant Nozzles: These nozzles generate a fine mist of coolant, which can be especially useful in applications where high-pressure coolant isn't required but cooling is still essential.

Monitoring Tools:

Monitoring the performance of a high-pressure coolant system is crucial for maintaining efficiency and tool life. Various tools and accessories can help with this:

  1. Pressure Gauges: Pressure gauges display the system's pressure level, allowing operators to ensure it remains within the desired range.

  2. Flowmeters: Flowmeters measure the flow rate of the coolant, helping to ensure it reaches the cutting zone at the required rate.

  3. Coolant Concentration Monitors: These devices help maintain the correct coolant-to-water ratio, preventing issues such as rust and bacterial growth.

  4. Temperature Sensors: Temperature sensors monitor the coolant temperature and can trigger alarms or adjustments when it goes out of range.

Toolholders with Integrated Coolant:

Some machining operations benefit from tool holders that have built-in coolant channels. These tool holders can deliver coolant directly to the cutting edge, improving chip evacuation and reducing heat at the point of contact.


Coolant Reservoir and Pump Systems:

Coolant reservoir and pump systems ensure a consistent supply of high-pressure coolant to the machining process.


Swivel Joints and Connectors:

Swivel joints and connectors are used to direct the high-pressure coolant flow precisely where it's needed, accommodating different angles and positions of the workpiece.


Remote Control Systems:

Some HPCS accessories include remote control units that allow operators to adjust settings and monitor system performance from a distance, enhancing convenience and safety.


CNC Fire Suppression Systems:

CNC Fire Suppression Systems are designed to suppress fires within seconds by using clean agents that are safe for people, equipment, and the environment. These systems can detect the fire at its source and deploy the agent automatically, without the need for human intervention. They can be used in conjunction with most CNC machines and Mist Collection systems.


To sum up, high-pressure coolant system accessories play a critical role in optimizing your machining processes. Whether it's maintaining coolant quality, controlling coolant delivery, or monitoring system performance, these accessories are essential for achieving consistent, high-quality results in machining operations. The choice of accessories should be tailored to the specific needs of the application and the machining equipment in use.