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Reduce Cycle Times with High-Pressure Coolant

According to Grandview Research, there is a higher demand for efficiency in complex machining processes and products. This is expected to stimulate growth in the machine tooling market. One way to increase production, reduce cycle times, and reduce manufacturing costs is by adding a high-pressure coolant solution to your machine tools. But how do high-pressure coolant systems achieve this? Read on to find out more. 

Increased Feeds and Speeds 

During the process of machining parts, a layer of steam collects on the workpiece and the cutting tool. This is known as a vapor barrier. This layer of steam acts as an insulator that delays cooling in the hot zone. This is where the edge of the cutting tool and the workpiece come into direct contact. As you might imagine, the high heat in the hot zone is enough to crack tools, deform parts, and even heat treat the metal part. The vapor barrier stops that heat from escaping. 

The purpose of high-pressure coolant systems is to quickly penetrate the vapor barrier. That way, the hot zone is cooled, and metal chips are quenched. This makes them super brittle, and as a result, they snap away from the metal part. Once they are snapped off, they are flushed away from the cutting zone. This stops them from being machined repeatedly. The result of this is increased speeds and feeds. Apart from that, it also helps to extend the life of the cutting tool. 

Reduced Cycle Times 

As mentioned before, high-pressure coolant systems dissipate heat and remove chips from work surfaces. This allows for higher feed rates and faster spindle speeds. The result of this is significantly reduced cycle times. In most instances, these systems will reduce cycle time by up to 40%. Also, longer tool life means less time is spent changing tools. This leads to less downtime and increased production. For businesses, this translates to increased profits. 

Chips can significantly damage expensive conventional and custom tools. One of the best ways to prevent this and reduce cycle time is to add a high-pressure coolant system. This boosts the amount of coolant present in the cutting area. Are you interested in learning more about high-pressure coolant systems? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our CoolJet product line and solutions to reduce cycle time, tool wear, and breakage. Ensure a longer tool life and increased production throughput in your shop with CoolJet.