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New Programming For CNCs?


CNCs, or computer numerical controls, are motion-control systems designed for several functions and used for precision contouring. In short, people control advanced tooling systems with a computer. They can work with various materials across many industries, which is why most corporations use them.

However, some of the CNCs are outdated, and it might be time for reprogramming as they are not adapting to new challenges and their precision needs, which is necessary to maintain market rates. According to, the first capitalists used machine tools to make the first cheap but good quality products. Machines are responsible for the world as we know it, and if there's any hope for advancement, then their algorithms have to change too. Let's find out more!

Modern CNCs Need New Programming

Many modern workpieces need machine tools that can cut meticulously to keep up with changing parts over time. Sometimes, these advanced tooling systems don't have the precision required for such matters, and we must reprogram them.

Most of the algorithms in CNCs use the X, Y, and Z axis as algebraic expressions with variables, which can work perfectly fine. But experts are looking at running five-axis programs with dependent variables, requiring thousands of lines of coding. However, experts believe this is possible. In fact, the five-axis machines are capable of more than what their current program asks of them, which is why reprogramming might be the future.

There are assumptions during their programming process which limit their capabilities, and people are only now realizing that these advanced tooling systems can do more with variables, but it's vital to detect the inconsistencies in programming and start using their full potential.

Understanding CNCs Better

The most common CNC machines are those designed to create a wide variety of products. They are just more precise because a computer controls them.

One of the most common CNC machines is the CNC mills, which have built-in tools to drill and cut. We code their programs so that the spindle moves in specific ways to get the ultimate result. You only need to place the equipment in the machine and leave the rest to the computer. There are other similar automation tooling systems, and your corporation needs to know which one they will need.

Now that you know more about CNCs and their expected new programming, you can understand what corporations need most. But most of the time, you need a consultant for this matter. Contact ATS Systems today for all your machine tool accessory needs!

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