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ATS Systems Introduces Next Generation CoolJet Series

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA – ATS Systems has announced its next generation CoolJet series introducing a complete line of cutting-edge high-pressure coolant and filtration equipment optimized for reliability, productivity, and profitability that can integrate with any size shop and machine tool. “We have a 20-year history providing high pressure coolant and filtration systems, and this next generation offers huge advantages for our customers” Ken Erkenbrack, President announced. “We have a culture of continuous improvement and after five years of R&D, listening to our customers and monitoring our equipment’s performance in the field. This CoolJet Series is a game changer”.

“We continue to build from our field experience and this next generation of CoolJet has the industries most advanced and intuitive sensors and design. We want to give our customers a reliable and highly efficient system”, stated Robert Walters, Director of CoolJet Operations. “We understand customers need to be running to make money and these units are designed to maximize up-time”.

About ATS Systems

ATS Systems is a national leading machine tool accessories and automation supplier delivering reliable solutions with unwavering support that increases manufacturing productivity and throughput leading to profitable results for its customers. For over 20 years, ATS has installed over 135K machine tool accessories and automation systems allowing customers to achieve productivity gains of over 50% and increasing profitability.

ATS supports machine shops and manufacturing plants worldwide offering best in class workholding solutions, custom design, automation, coolant systems and parts and services embracing productivity challenges the market presents. Are you ready to partner with a winning team, contact ATS Systems to learn more visit,